About the Movement

Peace and thank you for visiting the Gravity Exchange, a one stop shop to all things Gravity Movement. I appreciate your time and interest in our products. I would like to take a moment to share a little bit about myself and how this all came to be.

I founded Gravity Movement in 2000. It was created solely as a music production and a graphic design moniker. The name was based on what I felt was needed in Hiphop music.  At the time, it seemed that Hiphop did not reflect reality or the actual conditions of the world. I wanted to create a movement that sonically and visually displayed the culture in soulful and truthful way. 

I stand rooted in creating what feels right to my soul, creating moods and emotions that provide a canvas for visual/audio exploration, and creating music that supports the motivations and goals of others. Who I am resides between the snares, kicks and accenting percussions. Chords, melodies, and rhythms reflect my experiences and dreams. More importantly, my talent is gift from God that I only steward and not own. Anything good created by me is a reflection of the Creator Himself.

Fast forwarding to 2021, I am no longer pursuing rappers and singers to be on my latest projects. With the need of quality music for promo videos, commercials, corporate use, etc, I felt like I can fill the gap where soul is missing in royalty free music. It also allows for creativity without boundaries. It allows for my involvement in everything from podcast, film, corporate branding, and everything multimedia. The possibilities are endless.

Exploring the world of leisure wear is something I wanted to do for the pass nine or ten years. It's something I constantly put on the back burner. Between spending free time on freelance deign work and trying to create a line of shirts that was perfect, the ideas were stagnant. Other people's dreams / goals became more important than my own and perfection led to procrastination. With a new perspective on time and goals, I've pushed forward with Gravitees and other products.

As I stated earlier, the Gravity Exchange is a one stop shop for all things Gravity Movement. Music projects, royalty free music, and gear is all here. Thank you for being a part of the movement and if all of this is new to you, welcome.

Grace & Peace – E